How Can I Get Out Of That Snooker - by Larry Eforgan

The first option, shown in blue on the diagram to the right, using one cushion, at first sight seems the easier but on reflection the middle pocket is severely hampering the shot and only one red is available. To use this option a player would have to hit the cushion either above or below the middle pocket using checked or running side on the ball to achieve the correct angle, also trusting to a great deal of luck to strike the red. There is also the distinct possibility of striking the pink ball first.

The red option however, even allowing the fact that three cushions are used instead of one, may prove to be the easier shot. Remembering the fact that as long as no side spin is imparted to the cue ball (again the easier shot) then the angle that it strikes a cushion is exactly the same angle that it leaves that cushion, it can be seen that in the path described in red by the cue ball, that the first and third lines are parallel as are the second and fourth lines. The other advantages to this option are, firstly both red balls are able to be struck thus reducing the chance of a foul by 50% and secondly, the pink is virtually impossible to hit.